Hey Babes!

Not only are we super excited with the launch of our new website, but our customized slippers are back just in time for the holidays. Shop Afton products make the perfect customized gifts, and are easy to order by following 3 easy steps.

1. Select a Product to Customize

By using the navigation bar, select which product you would like and add to cart.

2. Select Your Letters

First start off by selecting which letters you would like. Then, by using the drop down menu, select your letter and add to cart.

note: you can select two letters for slippers and up to three letters for canvas makeup bags

3. Indicate Customization PRIOR to check-out

Prior to checkout you will be able to view all products that you have added to your cart. At this point you will be able to add a note to your order. This is your opportunity to let us know how you would like your order customized.

example: for slippers you would indicate Left Foot A, Right Foot B. For a makeup bag you would indicate the order your letters should be in like SPF.

And it is as simple as that! Remember if you have any questions, you can always reach out to our team by e-mail or Instagram DM.

Happy Shopping <3